karaoQ360 Beta – Getting Started


The entire team of karaoQ360 including PCDJ, Karaoke Cloud Pro, and karaoQ are excited to have you beta testing karaoQ360. As testers, you are helping to steer and guide the product based on features and functionality and helping us to further the product to enhance any night of karaoke – and doing so with as few hitches as possible by testing now prior to public release.

Having trouble or need to report a bug? 

To get started, you should have received a karaoQ360 Beta test e-mail with your login credentials. If not, please check your SPAM folder. If you haven’t received it, please e-mail support@karaoq360.com

Next, click here to download the latest build of karaoQ360.

Once downloaded and installed, you will need to login to the subscription window with your given email/username/password. Once validated, you are now setup in the karaoQ360 system.

Next, use those same credentials to login to https://karaoQ.com/connect/dj. If you have issues with logging in, first try to reset your password using the “Forgot Password” function on this page. If you still cannot login, please e-mail support@karaoq360.com

Once logged into karaoQ’s KJConnect platform, please click on your name in the upper-right hand corner next to the Logout button. It’s important to update the following information:

  • Your DJ details and profile picture
  • Your personal details for your karaoQ account
  • Your ACH Direct Deposit routing/account number for your bank account and/or your PayPal e-mail address to receive your Tip/BUMP revenue from the karaoQ mobile app
  • Ensure you have the venues where you host karaoke are loaded in the drop-down list of venues on the Venue Check-In screen. If not, manage the list yourself under Manage Venues or e-mail support@karaoq360.com with the name and location of the venues and what days/times you host karaoke.

Once all of the above steps are completed, go to karaoQ360 Player on your desktop from the installed download from the beginning of this process. Go to the settings menu (bottom right side of the karaoQ360 application).

  • Choose Remote Connections > karaoQ.
  • Set Auto Start Plugin to be checked.
  • Next, choose Start Plugin.
  • When the synQ window appears, you should already be presented with a list of venues that are associated to your e-mail address on karaoQ.com.
  • Select the venue you wish to go live at, and hit the synQ button to begin synchronizing the karaoQ360 player with the karaoQ servers.

This synchronization process will first export your master TSV songbook. It will then upload the songbook to karaoQ’s server for processing. This processing includes removing duplication songbook entries, reformatting Song Title and Artist Names to use common standards, and applying the newly optimized version of your songbook to all of your related venues.

Once this step is completed, you an begin using the karaoQ360 player to start accepting remote sign-up requests from the free karaoQ mobile app for the App Store and Google Play from your patrons and regulars.

To test, you can sign-up in the karaoQ app (using Facebook, Google+, or a different e-mail than your DJ account with karaoQ.com). Find your venue, check-in, hit Signup to Sing, search the songbook, find a song title, and hit Sing. Your request should go into the “Q” for the karaoQ mobile app, the karaoQ.com KJConnect web platform, and also show up directly in your singer rotation in the karaoQ360 Player.

  • If you are having trouble getting the song to show up in search results, e-mail support@karaoq360.com.
  • If you are having trouble adding a song to the “Q” with an error like “Could not add song at this current time”, be sure that you are logged in as a DJ on karaoQ.com, that your venue hours are setup correctly with karaoQ Admin Support or under Manage Venues.
  • Under the Show Options menu, ensure that you are assigned to that venue for that current day and time and that you are checked-in.
  • If you add a song directly to the karaoQ360 Player and it doesn’t load into the karaoQ free mobile app or the karaoQ.com KJConnect singer rotation, it could be that your songbook is still uploading and processing. The time to process varies based on how many rows of data are in your songbook TSV.

For other basic information, please visit karaoq.com’s Support for DJs page or e-mail support@karaoq360.com. You can also use this e-mail or hit the Contact/Email icon in the upper-right hand corner of karaoQ360.com to submit a ticket directly to the team.